• Consulting Services

    Through its consulting division, Igeco International Inc. offers a variety of services to small and medium size Canadian enterprises, among which identifying new business opportunities, marketing, matching trade partners, international expansion, sourcing and distribution logistics, implementing eCommerce solutions, and selection of integrated IT/communication solutions.
  • Project Management

    Igeco International Inc. is skilled at managing projects with international stakeholders. The company contributed to the management of complex outsourcing relationships, or unconventional IT projects spanning two continents.

    Its team of consultants is experienced at interfacing between end users and software development teams, both to help clients clarify their business needs, and to translate these business needs into functional software requirements, while ensuring the scope of deliverables is well-defined to avoid "scope creep" that is often seen in complex IT projects.

  • Corporate Training Programs

    Igeco International Inc. develops and delivers a variety of soft skills training programs in fields such as customer service excellence, cultural sensitivity awareness, and complaint handling. Its culturally diverse team of experienced trainers has delivered courses in English and French. The company can provide training services in Arabic and Spanish as well.

    On-site training programs are often provided by two co-animators, and are very interactive using simulations and role playing, thus providing a fun and memorable learning experience to trainees.

  • Software Implementation and Customization Services

    Igeco International Inc. offers software implementation, localization, and customization services for some vertical applications, including corporate services software solutions and selected CRM systems.

    The company also develops and adapts training programs to meet the requirements of its clients.

  • International Trade and Investments

    Igeco International Inc.’s international trade and investments division assists select partners with importing/exporting physical goods and services. The company has representation agreements with Canadian firms as their exporters, and also has agency and distribution agreements, representing some leading foreign companies in Canada for their goods and services. The company also holds some portfolio investments.

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