Igeco1 is a new service offered by Igeco International to start-ups, small, and mid-sized businesses in Quebec as a one-stop shop for many time consuming processes.

Igeco1 is a plan by Igeco International that is tailored to the needs of start ups and growing businesses. We know you can register your business on your own, or set up your own web site, or select an email provider, or check with your bank for a payment solution, or search for a hosted telephony provider – but we also know how valuable your time is.

When you started the business…
If you are the owner/manager of a typical start-up, or a small or mid-sized business, you probably already did one or more of the following at one point in time:
  • Wondered about the legal paperwork and licenses required to get started
  • Rented some office space or set up a home office
  • Got a laptop, a multifunction printer/fax/scanner, and connected them to your existing home network
  • Got a generic free email account (outlook.com, gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc.) or one that comes from your internet provider (Videotron, Bell, …)
  • Got an extra phone line for your business as it picked up – but kept it as a residential line which was less expensive
  • Got a new cell phone number, dedicated for your business calls
  • Designed a quick logo for your firm using online free or inexpensive tools
  • Printed some business cards on a color printer or pre-perforated card sheets
  • Built a free or an inexpensive web site with just a few pages
When your business started growing…
  • Started getting tons of voicemails on your office line since you’re often out of office, and often missed returning calls on the same day
  • Realized that clients cannot find your business phone listing because your phone number is a residential one in your personal name
  • Set up a PBX phone system with a few business phone lines, and extensions for each of your employees
  • Started getting upset with poor or slow Wi Fi in your office, and looked at getting a wired network
  • Set up some events for your business, and saw how time consuming and complex it was to set up the event, send invitations, confirm attendance, plan execution, and finally follow up with attendees
  • Never thought of inviting a professional photographer to take photos of events
  • Needed to take professional portraits and photos of your team, your business, or of your products for your web site or marketing brochures
  • Wanted to update your business cards with professional logos and nicer cards, but never had the time to do it
  • Attended a conference or event for which you needed to print some brochures and leaflets in several languages, but did not know where to start
  • Invested some money in a Google AdWords campaign that you created yourself without really being an expert in this field, then gave up for lack of return or time or interest
  • Placed a products catalog online, that has not been updated in ages, because you find it a hassle to keep updating your site or have no time for it
  • Perhaps set an e-commerce platform, but never had the time to make it visible and thus have very little online sales
  • Started hiring some employees, and gave a access to a simple PC or laptop to each one to work, but never implemented collaboration structures or procedures and ended up with documents and emails spread across multiple PCs, making it hard to quickly find a document or an email when you need it.
When your small or mid-size business started maturing…
  • Started receiving some requests from overseas for your products but did not give such requests priority because of shipping costs, fear of currency exchange, and payment complexity
  • Started to find that the PBX phone system that was good when you started is now outdated
  • Started using a shared drive somewhere on your network
  • Started accepting credit cards through a stand-alone web interface or payment terminal
  • Still wonder what the anti-spam Laws mean for your business, and wonder how you can get people to sign up to your mailing lists, if you can’t even send out a one-time mass mailing in which you can ask people to opt in
  • Started getting more employees, with more need for operational procedures
  • Started getting employee turnover, and began to see the pains of training new employees in the absence of documented procedures or onboarding plans
  • Set up your own do-it-yourself hosting plan, but never paid attention to your new needs such as collaboration among your employees and with clients, calendar sharing and scheduling, efficient handling of customer support, security and spam protection for your basic email account, or updates to the underlying platform of your web site
  • Started thinking of access control with in/out time tracking, physical security, camera surveillance, faster network, better internet connectivity, offsite data storage, backup of your web site, email archiving when mailboxes get full, …
Your one stop solution so you can focus on your success
Didn’t you wish you had a helping hand in all these processes?
How do we know that? We’re entrepreneurs, just like you – and we’ve been there too.

Igeco has partnered with industry leaders and with an expert team of consultants to offer you the Igeco1 program that allows you to focus on what’s important.

We will analyze your business, give you tools and advice to save time*, review your current processes, find your pain points, suggest areas of improvement, and then assist you in designing a corporate brand identity, print professional business cards, set up your email branded signature with proper links to your web site and social media, analyze your email requirements and set up the required accounts for your users and show you where to use distribution lists and where to use account aliases, take professional photos of your business and products, set up a search engine optimized web site, handle professional Google AdWords campaigns, maintain and update your web site and even set up translations of your site in multiple languages, set up and maintain your social media pages, modernize your phone system, set up your customer support multi-channel management system, and more.

Our consultants are professionals in project management, IT security, change management, networking, access control, graphic design, photography and international business development. All combined under Igeco1. With a single point of contact for you.

We will act as your business processes analyzer and provider, so you may focus on building and growing your business.

Please fill in the contact form, and we will be glad to set up a free 30 minutes’ consultation by web meeting or at our office. We can also arrange to meet you at your office if you are in the greater Montreal area ($100 fee, applicable towards purchase of services).

*Igeco does not provide legal, tax, or financial advice. We only guide you to more easily identify resources that are available to assist you.